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"Here’s How You Can Cope and Deal with Your Bipolar Disorder."

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Wed, 17 Jul 2024

From: Michele Sutton
Bipolar Survivor.

Dear Fellow Bipolar Survivor,

Imagine you could end all the pain, confusion and frustration that bipolar disorder is causing you and your family. Imagine fewer fights...

Less bipolar anger…

Less frequent mood swings(and lower intensity)..

Less crazy bipolar behavior.

Imagine fewer arguments. Fewer ups and downs. Slowing down the impact of your bipolar disorder which--up to now--has been gradually taking over and interfering with your whole life.

Imagine finally having peace back in your life because you and your supporter finally understand how to cope and deal with this devastating disorder.

If your irrational and impulsive behavior has still been interfering with your life even though you’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for a while now…

If you're exhausted from trying to cope with something that is making you and your loved ones miserable…

If you're utterly exhausted from all the ups and downs, consequences of stuff you’ve done when you’ve been “manic,” strained relationships, and trouble at work…

Then you’re going to be thrilled your journey brought you to this page!...

Hi, my name is Michele Sutton. I am a bipolar survivor. Please give me a few minutes to tell you my story and explain how I learned so much about coping and dealing with bipolar disorder… and in particular the crazy, irrational anger which so often accompanies it!

Years ago, I was standing in your shoes...

Years ago, I was typing the phrase "bipolar disorder" and variations of those words into every search engine on the Internet just hoping to find a magic solution that would end my nightmare.

I read through website after website trying to track down answers... I searched for reasons, guidance, even just someone to talk to. All I found was the same old rehashed information on bipolar disorder.

Nothing useful, and certainly nothing that told me how to cope with bipolar disorder. And absolutely nothing which told me how to cope and deal with my OWN bipolar.

It was incredibly frustrating. I was literally at the end of my rope because every day seemed like one long, never-ending bad dream that I couldn't wake up from.

All the days of horrible mood swings, the high highs and low lows, the irritability and agitation had taken their toll on me (the same feeling you've probably had with your own bipolar - the stress is incredible, isn't it?)

But the Internet was just the start of my research.

I devoured everything I could find at the library, including boring, technical medical journals and dozens of books. I tracked down every bipolar expert I could find, in all disciplines, from physician, to therapist, to pharmacist and beyond.

And during my journey... I went from knowing nothing about my disorder and having NO idea how to copy and deal with my anger (and other symptoms)….to realizing I personally had become an expert on the topic!

And after my months of research, I can tell you one thing for sure: If you're trying to cope and deal with bipolar disorder, you’ve got a better chance of winning one of those multi-state lotteries than finding the information you need to help yourself SUCCESSFULLY cope with bipolar disorder…

And even less of a chance of learning how YOU can MANAGE your bipolar disorder long term!


Because nearly all of the information that's available is produced by doctors and professors who have a clinical relationship with bipolar disorder - NOT by people who are forced to deal with the irrational behavior and horrible mood swings. NOT by people who are living with consequences of the disorder day in and day out.

You don't need cold, clinical theories from physicians who spend a few hours a day tending patients with bipolar. You need coping strategies that work... from people who’ve actually walked in your shoes day in, day out for years. People who’ve SOLVED the problem

People like me…

A Privileged Childhood

I was born into a privileged household. My father was a prominent lawyer, and my mother was a college professor. We lived in a very nice house in the best part of town, and of course I went to private schools for my education.

I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my parents, because they were always busy, but other than that, I was a happy child.

I never got in trouble, and had a relatively normal childhood.

I did go through the “Terrible Twos,” but other than that, I was a good child.

I had no behavioral problems, at least.

Still, my privileged upbringing did not protect me from what was to come later.

Horrible Mood Swings

As an adolescent, I had horrible mood swings. I would go from high highs to low lows, sometimes in the same day.

Sometimes the lows were so bad, I would want to die, although I never actually tried to kill myself.

I couldn’t talk to my parents about my feelings, though, as I just didn’t feel like they’d understand.

So I kept everything inside.

Sometimes I would have this awful feeling inside, thatI called “the feeling that something terrible is going to happen today.” It was like butterflies in my stomach, only worse. (I later learned this is called anxiety.)

I started having problems in school, because I just couldn’t concentrate.

Because of this, my guidance counselor called my parents in for a conference.

They just chalked everything up to normal adolescence, and figured I would grow out of it.

More of the Same

I graduated from high school and went on to college, but the mood swings continued.

Sometimes the depression was so bad I couldn’t even get out of bed to go to classes.

I finally went to see the school psychiatrist.

He diagnosed me with clinical depression and prescribed me an antidepressant.

It really didn’t help.

And it just made the “high highs” even worse!

Sometimes I could go days with just a few hours’ sleep. I would stay up till all hours of the night studying. Then do the same thing the next night. I would do this for several days in a row. Then I would crash.

So I stopped taking the antidepressant.

Eventually the mood swings caused me to have to drop out of college.

Love At First Sight

I started working as a secretary at my father’s law firm.

Things were going along okay; although I was still struggling with my mood swings, they were pretty much under control, and I was able to hide them from everyone else.

At least that’s what I thought.

Sometimes I would be so hyper, talking a mile a minute, and unable to stay on one subject.

Then just as quickly, I would become withdrawn and sullen.

Around the watercooler, my coworkers talked about how moody I was.

Then I met George, an associate at the firm.

It was love at first sight.

Whirlwind Courtship, Whirlwind Marriage

I was on a manic “high” for months, as George and I went through a whirlwind courtship.

We saw each other daily.

I was so happy!

And so in love…

All I wanted to do was to be with George. All the time. So when he proposed to me after just a few months, I gladly accepted.

We were married at the courthouse with one of George’s fellow associates as our witness.

We didn’t even have time for a honeymoon, because we both had to be back at work.

We promised ourselves that we would take a honeymoon later, when we had the time and the money.

But that time never came…

And Baby Makes Three

Less than a year later, I found out that I was pregnant.

George was really happy about it, but I wasn’t sure how I felt. I had mixed emotions.

The pregnancy went along fine, and I was able to work until just before I had the baby.

There were no complications, and I had a healthy baby boy.

But things didn’t go well after that.

The baby was fine, but I wasn’t.

I went into a deep, dark depression.

I tried to come out of it by positive thinking, but it just didn’t work. I tried to be happy about the new baby, but I just wasn’t. I felt like a failure.

I went to see a psychiatrist about it.

The psychiatrist diagnosed me with postpartum depression and put me on antidepressants again.

I tried them, but of course they didn’t work.

I was so frustrated.

I Don’t Know Why I Did It!

Things went along for a few years, with no major catastrophes, the baby growing like a weed, and George advancing in his firm.

I stayed home and took care of the house and the baby.

One day, I went on a shopping spree.

I spent over a thousand dollars on clothes I didn’t need, not even thinking that George would eventually get the credit card bill and know what I’d done.

When he got the bill, George hit the roof!

“What did you do?” he exclaimed.

“I don’t know,” I said, timidly.

“Why did you buy all the clothes? You certainly don’t need them,” he said.

“I don’t know why I did it,” I said.

“You don’t know why?” he said.

“No, I don’t know why. I just did it. Like it was somebody else doing it,” I said.

George told me that he thought I needed help, so he talked me into going to see a psychiatrist.

A New Diagnosis

The psychiatrist asked me a lot of questions, going all the way back to my childhood.

I told him that I had had the mood swings as far back as I could remember.

But that this was the first incident of excessive, impulsive spending that I had.

I told him about the previous diagnoses of clinical depression and postpartum depression, though.

He told me that he believed I had bipolar disorder.

“Mood swings are characteristic of the disorder, as is impulsive behavior such as excessive spending,” he said.

“Is there any cure for it?” George asked.

“No, but there is medication I can prescribe for it,” the psychiatrist answered.

“I’ve already been on antidepressants twice, and they didn’t work,” I said.

“No, I’m going to give you mood stabilizers,” the psychiatrist said, “which are better for bipolar disorder than antidepressants.”

He also recommended that I see a therapist for help with my bipolar disorder.

I felt optimistic at the new diagnosis.

Ballooning Up

Within six months, I had gained fifty pounds because of the bipolar medication.

I was miserable.

Rather than going back to the psychiatrist to ask to be put on a different medication, I just went off my medication.

Within a few weeks, I went totally manic.

I stopped sleeping or eating.

I started buying more groceries than we could eat in months!

And I went on another clothes buying expedition, running up the charge card again.

George called the psychiatrist to ask him what to do, and he suggested trying to get me to go to the hospital, where they could get me back on medication.

George got me into the car, but halfway there, I figured out where we were going, and I threatened to get out of the car.

At one point, I opened my door while we were going 50 miles per hour, and had my leg out the door, threatening to jump out of the car while we were moving!

George didn’t know what to do, but he couldn’t make me go to the hospital if I didn’t go voluntarily.

Back To Bed

After a few days, I crashed.

I went to bed and slept. Unfortunately, I then went into a deep depression, and stayed there for two months.

All I did was sleep or, when I was awake, I just stayed under the blanket, staring at the walls.

George couldn’t even get me to eat anything, except occasionally some soup.

He tried to talk to me, but I just stared blankly.

One day, he thought I was opening up.

“What’s wrong, honey?” he asked.

“Everything and nothing,” I answered.

He got no further than that.

One morning, after two months had passed, I just got out of bed and took a shower, as if nothing had happened.

I was my old self again!

I gave no explanation for why I had been in such a great depression for two months except to say I didn’t know why.

But things went back to normal until…

“What Have You Done?!”

George had just come back from the doctor. He was still staggering in astonishment from the news.

He had a sexually transmitted disease.

There was only one way he could have gotten it, and he didn’t want to believe that it could have happened – I had been unfaithful.

He confronted me.

“I have a sexually transmitted disease. What have you done?” he said.

“I’m sorry, George,” I said.

“Why? Aren’t you happy with me?” he asked.

“I don’t know why. It just happened,” I answered.

“You need help. You really do. You need to go back on the bipolar medication. You need to see the psychiatrist,” George said.

I agreed to go.

The psychiatrist said, “Excessive spending is one example of the impulsive behavior associated with bipolar disorder, but sexual promiscuity is another example.”

He prescribed a different type of mood stabilizer for me.

Happily Ever After?

Did I live happily ever after? Well, as long as I stayed on the medication, I did not have any major bipolar episodes needing hospitalization.

But occasionally, I would still have mood swings and breakthrough depression; however, with the coping techniques I learned, I was able to deal with it and avoid a full-blown episode.

Everything you need to know has been condensed into this simple-to-use guide:

The Five Star Method for Coping and Dealing with Bipolar Disorder (A Tested and Proven Technique You'll Never Hear from Doctors or Drug Companies!)

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But I Can’t Take Total Credit
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I consulted EVERYBODY I knew from all the bipolar support groups I’ve attended over the years, paying particular attention to those who had been successful in stopping their irrational behavior and anger.

I also read everything available on the subject of bipolar...

I listened to everything I could get my hands on…

I watched so many videos related to bipolar disorder it started giving me mild anxiety.

Then I added my own VAST personal experiences with coping and dealing with MY bipolar to develop this system…

Don’t let the size (Just 14) fool you. Over 500 hours of research went into this project.

It is truly, the best of the best there is, and the system is SIMPLE AND QUICK TO LEARN so you can implement this information immediately.

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Why Most People With Bipolar Disorder Get Destroyed

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